If you’re a fan of Rory McIlroy’s, you’ll kick yourself for missing this…

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Rory McIlroy may have ceded the Number 1 title to rival Jordan Spieth this year, but as far as we’re concerned, he’s still winning when it comes to reaching out to fans. Earlier this year, he’d very generously given away a driver to one of his loyal Instagram followers. Don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t look like he has any more spare drivers lying around for the opportunists among us. But you may have a chance to speak to the man himself if he hosts yet another live chat on social media again. Yes, that’s right. He hosted an impromptu video chat session with fans today and took the time to answer some important questions, like who would win if he and Jordan Spieth got into a wrestling match. For the record, Rory thinks he’ll trash Jordan, hands down.

If you’ve missed out this time, no worries. Just follow McIlroy on any or all of his very lively social media accounts and keep your eyes peeled. You might just get lucky. After all, Rory McIlroy is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s the live chat.

Thanking my 1m fans!

Posted by Rory McIlroy on Thursday, December 17, 2015