High-profile Patriots refuse post-Super Bowl White House visit

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl…shocker I know, but the big news that has occurred since they defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 is the numerous Patriot players who have come out and said that they will not be going to the White House with the team, in large part to our president, Donald Trump. 

Here are the players who have publicly announced they’re not going:

The list of six players all have their reasons for not going to the White House. Hightower has said that he’s already been to the White House (back in college when Alabama won the National Championship), while the other five have cited different reasons ranging from not feeling welcome by President Trump, or wanting to see their families. Listen, I’m not going to make this about politics, because I’m pretty neutral when it comes to all of that, and I’m also not the most knowledgable on the subject, I’m the last person you’ll see get in any kind of political debate. But the fact of the matter is that I really don’t give a sh-t that players are choosing not to go to the White House, and you shouldn’t either.

Want to know what makes America so great? We get the right to make our own choices. If those players don’t want to go to the White House because they don’t like our President, who the hell cares? This shouldn’t be a story at all. They aren’t required to go to the White House, so they’re exercising their right to choose not to. I know that this is a story because of Trump and everything, but guess what? This isn’t the first time athletes have chosen to not go to the White House with their team after winning a championship. Here are some other athletes who were not in attendance at the White House:

Again, this is really only a story because of Trump being our President and everyone seems to hate him at the moment. While I understand that, I still don’t really care. Athletes have not gone to the White House in the past, and I’m positive there will be some that don’t go in the future. I’m also willing to bet that there are going to be plenty of athletes who don’t go to the White House while Trump is in office, and to that my stance still won’t change. Let them live with their choices, and find something else to turn into a story.

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