Some People Are Calling Out Jason Day For The Lebron Incident

  • Ellie day is recovering from her collision with Lebron James without any serious injuries.
  • Mike Golic was convinced Jason Day didn’t do enough to protect his wife.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially from the comfort of a television studio. We live in a world where we analyse everything so when I saw that Mike Golic had stuck his oar in and given an opinion on the incident I was keen to hear your views on the matter.

Should Jason Day be called out for not reacting to the situation?

A small section of people are saying he didn’t do enough. What do you think?

Yes, Jason should have done something!

No, he couldn’t possibly react in time.

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Put in that situation we all hope we would respond heroically but let’s be honest, that happened so quickly it’s impossible to say if anyone could have reacted in time. Say what you like about the incident, I personally felt it was deeply innapropriate for Mike Golic to give his opinion just moments after Jason Day watched his wife leave the game on a stretcher.

It’s hard to say what difference Jason Day could have made as a 6′ 8″, 250-pound behemoth beared down on them as they sat. I do feel Jason should have at least put a hand out, not that it would have made any difference whatsoever.

The Player’s agent released this statement on behalf of the Day family.

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