The most famous shot of Tiger Woods’ career without the ball

In a career filled with incredible highlights, it’s difficult to pick out just one shot by Tiger Woods that stands above the rest.

But one that will definitely be etched into the history books of golf, is the chip on the par-3 16th at Augusta National that Woods hit in the final round of the 2005 Masters.

It was, to put in simply, incredible. And now Reddit user Randysgoiter is having some fun with the clip. He took the ball out of the video, so all viewers are left to focus on, are the chaotic reactions of the crowd as they all intently watch the ball – that isn’t actually there.

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This begs the question, has there ever been another moment like this? In the age of Tiger Woods, something bubbled over in world of golf where fans were no longer just spectators, but involved participants in their favorite golfer’s journey. The cheers and screams of fans fueled the sport but they were all for Tiger. Everything he did made people jump from their seats, and rightly so.

An analyst recently discussed the power Tiger Woods had on ratings, and yet this year it seems as though his appearance from the Masters, or lack there of, won’t have as much of an affect on the ratings as they once might have. It’s true that the young golfers of today have made the game more interesting without all of the drama, but the moments of drama are what make the sport. Sure, today there is still that fan enthusiasm that Tiger brought to the scene, but is there a moment where someone could take the ball out of the equation and see that type of enthusiasm there is in that video?

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Possibly the past Ryder Cup could produce such levels of enthusiasm from the fans and the players, but it’s hard to pin point any other instances. This just goes to show that while we may not need Tiger anymore for people to watch the sport, the passion he ignited in fans is still mainly for him.