What It Feels Like To Be Run Over By LeBron James, By Ellie Day


The wife of Aussie golf superstar Jason Day was flattened by LeBron James on Thursday night watching the Thunder-Cavaliers game. After tweeting Friday that she’s OK, Ellie Day described what it feels like to be run over by a 6-foot-8 giant¬†weighing 250 pounds.¬†

In simple terms, Ellie compared it to this…

gif_ellie day

“Being tackled by that large man I would compare to a minor car accident,” Day wrote. “My head and neck hit pretty hard so it was really scary. My whole body feels like it was hit by a truck.”

The incident happened with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Cavaliers’ 104-100 victory when LeBron fell out of bounds and crashed into the 115 pound frame of Ellie Day. Play was halted briefly as Day was stretchered out and rushed to hospital with head and neck injuries.

ellie day_lebron james

A concerned LeBron immediately checked on Ellie after she was placed on the stretcher. She squeezed his hand as she was carted away to the hospital, where doctors informed Lebron she was “doing great.”

“It wasn’t anything out of the usual besides the injury. But to me, obviously her health is very important, and hopefully she’s doing well. The guys told us she’s doing great now. So, but you know, I was going for a loose ball. Just trying to keep the possession going, and I hate that that was the end result of it,” Lebron said.

Ellie Day recalled the entire experience in a tweet after being released from hospital. We’re glad you’re OK Ellie!