VIDEO: Ian Poulter Survives Ski Accident, Shows The World He Sucks

ian poulter
  • Ryder Cup legend Ian Poulter has a near miss while skiing in Park City, Utah.
  • After fellow Ryder Cup player Rory McIlroy injured ankle playing soccer earlier this year, it proves that golfers probably shouldn’t do other sports. 

Ian Poulter posted a video to fans on Monday hours after he spectacularly lost control on skis during a family trip to Park City, Utah. While he didn’t suffer any substantial injuries, the Englishman was undoubtably shocked by the epic crash.

Poulter thankfully avoided joining a list of PGA TOUR stars who have proved that golfers are not made to play other sports. His fellow Ryder Cup player Rory McIlroy wrote off the majority of his 2015 season with a crippling ankle injury sustained playing soccer, while Tiger Woods ruptured his ACL in 2008 doing military training exercises before realizing he wouldn’t make a very good Navy SEAL.

While the sporting naysayers will be out tonight that argue golf shouldn’t be in the Olympics and golfers aren’t athletes, golfers are indeed extremely fit men and women. Golfers burn in excess of 1,500 calories per round and have to content with over 10,000 mental thoughts in that space of time. I’ll give Poulter the benefit of the doubt and blame it on pure stupidity.