At 395 Yards, This Par 3 Is F**king Ridiculous


Welcome to the world’s scariest golf hole where you need balls bigger than a donkey’s to pull the trigger. That’s right, the “Extreme 19th” hole at the infamous Legend Golf & Safari Resort is really f**king terrifying and should only be attempted to experienced golfers.

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At 395 yards and 1,300 feet high, it is the highest and longest Par 3 in the world. The green is in the shape of the continent of Africa — original, I know — and it takes over 20 seconds for the ball to fly through the air and onto the green.

Golf pundits talk about the 17th at St. Andrews and the 13th at Augusta as the greatest holes in golf, but the “Extreme 19th” hole makes them look ordinary. In fact, the hole is so awesome that people from all over the world travel to Limpopo Province to play golf’s most insane hole. Just recently, Arizona Cardinals’ wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald posted pics of him teeing it up.

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You Get $1m For Holing The Tee Shot

The hole is so unique that balls have tracking devices in them and a spotter greets you on the green with a two-way radio. Perhaps even better is the prize for a hole-in-one. The club is so confident that no human being will ace the “Extreme 19th” that they are offering a $1m reward. Has anyone ever got close? Of course not.

The average score on the hole is 15, and golfers lose so many balls during the tee shot that a psychiatrist is present so for golfers wanting to launch themselves off the cliff. Okay. the psychiatrist part is a lie, but the rest is true.

How The F**k Do You Get To The Tee?

Take a helicopter ride to the tee from a helipad down below, then take another helicopter down to the green. Golfers who are afraid of heights or those that are tight with their money should stay away. According to sources, it costs $1,000 per foursome to play the hole, but this does include the helicopter ride, equipment and six golf balls. Woop-tee doo.

Would you make the attempt?