Miss Universe Video Involving Donald Trump Might Be More Awkward Than Steve Harvey’s Mistake

  • Steve Harvey announces wrong winner of Miss Universe
  • Trump comments on the drama
  • Video involving contestants, golf, and Trump is even more awkward

Last night Miss Universe was crowned on live television by Steve Harvey himself. As Harvey was announcing who won, he accidentally named the runner up, Miss Columbia, the winner over the actual supposed winner, Miss Philippines. As this is all happening live, Harvey needed to correct his error after what seemed like a painstakingly long time. It is so unbelievably awkward to watch but you really must see it to get the full effect of the drama that went down.


Of course these days you can’t make a mistake on television without the whole internet blowing up about it. Memes are popping up like daisies and celebrities opinions suddenly matter.

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Mr. Donald Trump obviously had something to say about it as well, since he used to own the rights to the show.

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Somehow this mishap proves that he’s better in some way, very Trump of him to point out.

He may not have made a mistake naming the winner on live television but Mr. Trump has made himself look way worse this year, just by being himself. This video below shows Trump having Miss Universe contestants tee off on one of his courses, dressed in their sunday’s best. He is seen watching carefully, as these poor girls struggle in their high heels, with his hand on his belt and grinning. Neither Miss Colombia, Miss Philippines or Mr. Steve Harvey were involved in these proceedings but it is just as awkward.

And people want this guy to be our President?