Tiger Woods’ 1996 Interview: “You are insulting my mum.”

  • Tiger was asked about the “American golfer” statement he made after the 1995 Masters.
  • In these three interviews from the Golf Channel archives the 20-year-old reflects on race and his mission as a golfer.

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In just over a week the golfer will celebrate his 40th birthday so here is a series of excerpts from the young and very philosophical Tiger Woods.

These videos show us how quickly he was forced to grow up and the sorts of life questions he had to answer daily. We are all so aware of the tendency for young stars to suffer from the fatigue of sustained media scrutiny and it’s frankly a miracle he isn’t throwing poo around a padded room. I certainly wouldn’t have the disposition to keep it all together if I was blessed with his ability, and whilst there has been a blip or two, the mental strength of the man is something to behold.

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“If you say i’m purely black then you are insulting my mum and that is wrong and I will not accept it.” Tiger was eager to clarify his ethnic roots and insist that it is wrong for the media to bookmark him as being specifically African American.

“I’m the United Nations right here.” Tiger talks about his Asian roots and his determination to spread the game globally.

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 “Golf is such a great game why limit it to such a few when it can be enjoyed by all.” Tiger talks about his goal to make golf look like America.