Tiger Woods Has Almost Paid Off His Enormous Divorce Mortgage

  • Reports have suggested Tiger Woods still owes Elin $54 million and has until January 15th to pay.
  • The payments are received as monthly mortgage payments. 

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Golf News Net published the official document explaining the situation and if you can be bothered to read it be my guest, otherwise I can try and explain…

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As part of the divorce settlement Tiger named Elin as the issuer of the mortgage he took out to buy his multi-million dollar home in Jupiter, Florida. This means he must pay Elin in monthly installments and a failure to do so would see the house go to her.

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According to USA Today, the misreporting stems from the belief that Tiger must pay Elin $54.5 million by January 15th. Fortunately for Tiger, I say ‘fortunately’, he has been paying Elin $851,000 every month since the settlement was reached nearly five years ago. He is now just one payment away from owning the house but that won’t conclude the extensive financial obligations he still has to Elin in other areas.