Find Out Who The Thieves Are On This Golf Course In Cali

The Los Lagos Golf Course has had a fox problem for years now. General manager Scot Hathaway said the foxes first appeared about a decade ago. When they first arrived you could only see puffs of red flash by, but these mischievous animals have multiplied and gotten comfortable in their home.

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Now you are guaranteed to see at least two or three when you play a round at this golf course. If you do see them you have to be wary because these critters have created a reputation for themselves, as thieves. If you leave an snack open in your cart, it probably won’t be there when you get back from the tee box.

“The foxes are better at stealing things than we are at golf,” said Paul Cook, of San Jose, who plays here with his retired buddies a couple of times a month. “They once got my sandwich and a third of a banana,” Cook said. “Worked the zipper on my bag to get it; I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Yeah, they’ll go for lunches, cellphones, GPS units,” said golf shop assistant Chris Walton. “People will take pictures, and they’ll hang around just waiting for your back to turn.”

You might think that the golf course would want to get rid of these furry friends, but in reality they have truly become a part of the family. Hathaway said the foxes pose no problems and help curb the population of rodents and hundreds of mud hens that arrive each winter, devouring the grass and leaving greens covered in bird droppings.

Plus, “I think people like to see them,” he said. “Whether that makes them come here to play golf, I don’t know.”