Stephen Curry Named AP Male Athlete Of The Year; Beats Spieth


NBA superstar Stephan Curry was named AP Male Athlete Of The Year last night, beating out our very own Jordan Spieth. Despite golf playing second fiddle to the NBA, it was a win for both golf and sport as two of the world’s most inspirational athletes went head-to-head in their respective fields.

Curry is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history.
Curry is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history.


Like Spieth has done for golf in 2015, Curry’s success can be measured by his out-of-this-world shooting numbers that are changing basketball as we know it.

Curry is one of the most likeable athletes on the planet and his popularity comes not from the height and strength that fans usually attribute to their favorite NBA stars – but rather his dribbling, shooting and passing skills that any average Joe can work on. Sound like a certain golfer?

Jordan Spieth Takes Time Out To Inspire Kids With Trick Shots

Getty Images // Jordan Spieth won the Masters and U.S. Open in 2015.
Getty Images // Jordan Spieth won the Masters and U.S. Open in 2015.

Spieth is golf’s equivalent of Stephen Curry. At 6ft 1 and 185lbs, Spieth is a lightweight compared to the giants of Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson. Spieth doesn’t hit the ball gobsmacking distances, nor does he look like a ripped athlete when you stand next to him. Like Curry has done with dribbling, shooting and passing, Spieth has mastered driving, putting and iron play in a way that no other golfer has done before him.

Curry: An Underdog Story

Curry has dominated on the court in 2015-16, making the once-terrible Golden State Warriors as the NBA’s must-view team.

“The way that I play has a lot of skill but is stuff that if you go to the YMCA or rec leagues or church leagues around the country, everybody wants to shoot, everybody wants to handle the ball, make creative passes and stuff like that,” Curry said. “You can work on that stuff. Not everybody has the vertical or the physical gifts to be able to go out and do a windmill dunk and stuff like that. I can’t even do it.”

Curry’s drive to succeed started when he wasn’t offered a major scholarship coming out of high school. In the 2009 draft, he was only the third point guard taken and many insiders questioned his place in the NBA after several ankle injuries during the early part of his career.

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While Spieth has never been the underdog, he too comes from humble beginnings. The world number one golfer has spoken about the motivation that his severely disabled sister, Ellie, has given him to succeed on TOUR.

Let’s hope that these two megastars continue to inspire our generation for years to come.