How golfers told Wimbledon to shove a £50,000 bribe up you know where

Sharon Wong


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Wimbledon Park Golf Club has been happily existing in the shadow of the world’s most famous tennis tournament for 117 years. The All England Tennis Lawn Club decided that vastly outshining a fellow gentleman’s sport isn’t enough and is now trying to buy the club out of its grounds. The All England Club has been trying to expand its existing 42-acre site to accommodate its growing audience and will not be able to do so until 2041, when the golf club’s lease expires. Wimbledon decided some cold hard cash would help grease the wheels a little and offered the club £25 million to vacate the premises in 5 years, which means that each of its members would pocket £50,000. It’s clear Wimbledon didn’t anticipate getting rejected HARD.


The majority of the 800 golfers registered at the club voted to decline the offer. It seems that to some, £25 million wasn’t quite enough incentive to relinquish their turf. One member explained, “An offer of £25 million may sound like a lot but we make about £1 million a year letting part of our course for car parking during Wimbledon fortnight. If we left, the tennis club would get that money instead, so the £25 million wouldn’t have cost them a penny.”

But then, others proved that loyalty does still mean something in this day and age. To retired lecturer Angus Skinner, “Some things are worth more than money.”

How’s that for politely flipping the bird?