Tiger Woods Or Lionel Messi? Tiger’s Kids Vote Messi

Photo courtesy of Getty
Photo courtesy of Getty

2015 has been the year of bashing Tiger Woods. Media critics, legends of the game and commentators have all written off Tiger Woods’ chances of returning to the top again, and now his kids are dissing him too. 

In a recent body blow at the Hero World Challenge, soccer addicts Sam and Charlie Woods were asked if they’d rather be like their daddy or the global soccer star Lionel Messi. They didn’t waste any time to ponder:

“Messi,” Sam quickly replied. “Messi,” Charlie then said.

Daddy Woods took it on the chin however as he broke out into a beaming smile. In fact, Tiger Woods has appeared a different man since the tournament which took place in Bermuda for the first time. He has since posted several tweets showing how much fun he’s having being a father (and taking time away from the TOUR as he nurses his latest wound).

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These New Photos Of Tiger Woods Prove He’s Getting His Life Together

In a recent statement to fans, Woods spoke optimistically of getting his life back on track, on and off the course.

“Where do I see myself in the next five to 10 years? I am still playing golf at the highest level and winning tournaments and major championships,” Woods said.

Tiger Woods has repeatedly talked about his love of fatherhood.
Tiger Woods has repeatedly talked about his love of fatherhood.

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No matter how good or bad Tiger Woods returns in 2016, we’re all thankful he’s getting his shit together.