When Wayne Gretzky Didn’t Invite Dustin Johnson To Golf

  • Wayne Gretzky was reflecting on DJ’s reaction to losing the US Open this year.
  • The pair have a close relationship.

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When you’re a retired sportsman anecdotes become your bread and butter. Golf Week reported on this classic Wayne Gretzky yarn which tells you a lot about his son-in-law.

“Wayne was  standing on a hill looking over the 18th green at Chambers Bay as he watched his future son-in-law, Dustin Johnson, go from a chance to win the U.S. Open to the most crushing loss of his career in a matter of three putts.

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“Johnson headed to Idaho with the Gretzky clan for a getaway. The next morning, Gretzky said he took a group out to play golf. On the second green, they looked behind to see a cart fast approaching. It was Johnson, who wanted to know why no one asked him to join the game.”

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It amazed Gretzky how quickly DJ could recover from the pain of losing. ”I know this much,” Gretzky said. ”If I ever lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I wouldn’t want to skate with a bunch of amateurs the next day.”

DJ is pretty good at finding ways to replenish his serotonin and you’d imagine waking up next to Paulina would help him look on the bright side.

DJ is reported to have a very good relationship with Wayne, which I find hysterical if you consider some of the stuff he posts on social. Paulina regularly sends pictures to Dustin on Instagram and he normally responds in a way that would be awkward for even the most progressive father-in-law.

love you @djohnsonpga Dirty Diana ????

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The “love that ass” comment he recently made on Instagram is the social media equivalent of banging a victory drum as you navigate your way to your girlfriend’s bedroom. It’s the proverbial middle finger to your in-laws, a high five for tapping that no father should receive. Not that Wayne gives a shit.