Screamers and Howlers: The Best and Worst of Footballers on Social Media

  • Footballer’s are social media gold, with megastars such as Cristiano Ronaldo boasting 27,327,911 Twitter followers and 88,109,324 Facebook fans single handedly!
  • £350,000 worth of player fines have been issued since 2011 for social media howlers. 
  • To prevent further F.A sanctions, we have compiled a simple guide of Dos and Don’ts for Footballers wanting to avoid national ridicule on Social Media.


DO: Remember to Laugh at Yourself – No Problem for Deli Ali

Life has changed a lot for England’s new superstar midfielder. At only 19 of years of age, Deli Ali has been blessed (cursed?) with a childhood where social media accounts were the pinnacle of your school social life.

Now the host for forgotten relics of prepubescent transgressions, the Tottenham Starlet’s self-depreciating humour goes a long way to securing his fan-favourite status. Goal’s like this don’t do any harm either…



DON’T: Pretend the Past Never Happened, They Will Find you Andy


A daunting warning for all Footballer’s who grew up during the boom of social media. Now a desolate wasteland of ‘Other Halves’ and the all important ‘Top 8 Friends’, Bebo was once THE social network.

When Andy Carroll’s Bebo account recently resurfaced, fan’s rejoiced at learning 16 year old Andy’s favourite childhood film amongst numerous topless photos – it’s Jungle Book, for the record.


Andy Carroll


Carroll has never addressed the account’s legitimacy, leaving the world to disappointingly speculate. One of the bare necessities of social media management, always stand by your account.



DO: Show You’re a Responsible Adult – Parenting Tips from Ben Foster

Footballer’s often receive criticism for their actions as role models to the youth of today. This is no such issue for West Brom Keeper and strict parent, Ben Foster.

Tweeting during a busy transfer window deadline day, Foster perfectly articulated his firm parenting skills:




DONT: Put your Trust in PR Companies – The Ultimate Ronaldo CR7 Brand Fail


There’s always money to be made out of footballers, particularly when you’re concerned with one of the world’s biggest superstars. Undoubtedly, this example is a product of a PR company rather than being typed out by the manicured fingers of Cristiano himself. Understandably, this tweet was quickly removed and rephrased.


Ronaldo Tweet Fail


DO: Have a ‘Meme-worthy’ Persona – Step Forward Jamie Vardy

4 words…

The social media legend himself...
The social media legend himself…


Truer words were never spoken than those of the Leicester bard himself, Jamie Vardy. Having risen from Fleetwood Town substitute to Premier League record breaker in the space of just 4 years, Vardy embodies the classic underdog tale. After ‘banging’ the goals in for fun at Leicester, the knights of the internet uncovered this aggressive post from Vardy in 2011.



Now one of the most entertaining footballing meme’s on the internet, Jamie Vardy is a legend of the modern game.


DONT: Pick a fight with your Boss like Adrian Mutu, There Will be Tears

For the handful of footballers who understand Photoshop (No, not the same thing as paint Mr. Rooney), please use with caution. As the infamous ex-Chelsea man Adrian Mutu will tell you: Avoid photoshopping your manager… oh, and stay away from drugs kids.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 09.33.34


After being left out Romania’s squad for their World Cup Playoff match vs Greece, Mutu responded by blasting Romania boss Victor Piturca with one of Photoshop’s finest Mr. Bean cut and paste’s.


Ultimate DO: Have a Successful Career First, Lineker and Owen can Rest Easy

Actions will always speak louder than words. As Twitter feuds become the highlight of celebrity spats, always ensure you can back up your cutting remarks when airing your dirty linen in public.


For bonus points, make an enemy of Piers Morgan… the world is on your side already!



Ultimate DON’T: Forget the World is Watching, From London to Rio

Surgeon, Fire-Fighter, Relief Worker… Footballer? Doesn’t quite fit does it Mr. Ferdinand? It’s always worth baring in mind that 99% of football fan’s would give a limb to play the sport they love for a living and 80k is a postcode lottery jackpot; not a weekly wage.