CLICKON Top 10: Soccer Commentator Meltdowns!

  • Different cultures, different languages but a shared passion for the beautiful game.
  • Commentator’s take football to new peaks of excitement, but there are moments where even the most articulate professional becomes a screaming banshee.
  • The ClickOn Top 10 of memorable commentator meltdowns, hysteria and hyperbole

In the theatre of a football stadium, commentators are our narrators. However, unlike a matinee performance at the Royal National Theatre, there are occasions where only a guttural scream can effectively describe the drama unwinding on stage.

Football is blessed with some of the most exciting moments in sporting history, forever embellished by the reactions of commentators who were there  to capture the emotion first hand.


10. “As cool as James Bond in a white tuxedo!”

Arguably America’s favourite soccer pundit, ex-Newcastle pro turned beIN sport commentator, Ray Hudson produces one of the most articulate examples of exuberance in our countdown. Watch as Tevez scores the Italian ‘Goal of the Season’ in part of Juventus’ 7-0 thrashing of Parma:



The epitome of the Spanish commentator stereotype, this countdown would’ve felt empty without at least one tongue-rolling bonanza from La Liga! We were spoilt for choice, but this one was our pick of the bunch:


8.”None as possibly bleak as this…”

Undoubtedly Chelsea Football Club’s greatest achievement, foreshadowed perfectly by Martin Tyler’s classic ‘curse of the commentator’. As for Gary Neville… well not for the last time in this countdown, noises apparently speak louder than words:



7. Are you a Manchester United fan by any chance?

Impartiality is a thing of the past! For a split second during this feisty Liverpool vs Manchester Utd derby, Sky Sports legend Martin Tyler forgets all of his commentating training and becomes one with the terraces of roaring  supporters. Why describe the action when you can just cheer like the rest of us!?


6. “Solskjaer has won it!”

Cup finals are the pinnacle of sporting drama, as Clive Tyldesley discovered during the 1999 Champions League Final. With just seconds to go, Manchester United trail Bayern Munich by a single goal. 2 Beckham corners later and the coveted trophy was heading to Manchester in spectacular fashion:



The most exciting end to a Premier League season you could possible conceive. Someone hand Martin Tyler a packet of soothers after this one. As Manchester City seemingly let the league title slip through their fingers, arise Sergio Aguero to deliver the ultimate smash and grab victory over their rivals:


4. Someone pass Gary Neville a towel…



3. “Release the Kraken!”

John Arne Riise AKA The Unstoppable Force. A true commentator’s dream, one swing of the Norwegian’s left boot could leave any self-respecting orator howling like a wolf at full moon. This particular clip coined one of the most repeated phrases on school playing fields across the globe:



2. Dennis… who?

I’m not sure what is more entertaining about this entry; Jack van Gelder’s mad infatuation for Arsenal and Dutch legend Dennis Bergkamp, or tuning your ears to only  hear him inhale (Definitely worth a 2nd listen)! One of the greatest goals in World Cup history, treated with the heartfelt emotion of a passionate compatriot – well worthy of 2nd place!



If you look up Frisson in the Oxford English Dictionary you’ll find the definition: 
A sudden strong feeling of excitement 
and a picture of Steven Gerrard celebrating after this goal against Olympiakos. The one footballing clip that is forever guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of any fan (unless you’re a Man Utd or Everton supporter!):


Any others that you think should’ve made the top 10?