Valencia Just Couldn’t Handle Gary Neville’s Banter



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Gary Neville’s move into management originally fuelled speculation that the former England international and current assistant, was bolstering his CV for the ultimate career move – refreshing his tab of the Manchester United Careers page on a near daily basis… it wasn’t to be.



Gary Neville has been sacked as Valencia’s head coach after a disastrous four months in charge. The struggling Spanish club announced on Wednesday that the former Manchester United defender had mutually agreed to leave with immediate effect.

Results have failed to match expectations and the fans quickly turned against him in growing numbers. Valencia are 14th in La Liga, six points above the relegation zone, having won only one of the 16 league matches played under Gary Neville.

Valencia also exited the Champions League, Europa League and Copa del Rey on his watch.


Were Valencia Right To Sack Gary Neville?

Yes – He’s a pundit, not a manager

No – He deserved more time to make his mark


How does Neville account for his Spanish failure? Poor tactics, lack of understanding for the Spanish game, communication issues?

Nah… they probably just couldn’t handle Gary’s high calibre wit and solid banter – yeah, that’s gotta be it.



Neville’s talents were obviously wasted in Spanish football management – football fans will be hoping his departure will pave the wave for his return to the English game

If previous form was anything to go by, he should’ve had no problem utilising his punditry wit to cut any footballing ego down to size, perhaps the Valencia squad were too sensitive to their sharp-tongued coach’s mannerisms.

Here’s a collection of Neville’s most potent assaults on some of football’s biggest ego’s:






“If he was paid by the sprint, he’d be skint!”



Widely regarded as one of the most technically gifted players (and simultaneously one of the laziest!) players to ever grace the Premier League.

His nonchalant approach to the beautiful game attracts criticism from pundits like moths to a flame – Neville himself never being shy of throwing heated words at the Bulgarian. Doesn’t look there is much hope for an Old Trafford reunion should Neville ever take the helm in Manchester!



“Whenever I watch him play, to me David Luiz looks like he’s being controlled by a 10-year-old in the crowd on a Playstation.”



The man will not be constrained by traditional ideals of set positions – he’ll play where he wants, when he wants. Naturally, this clashes with Neville’s ‘by-the-book’ philosophies!

To describe David Luiz as a being a controversial figure would be an understatement. Love him or hate him, from a neutral perspective he’s certainly entertaining to watch. One moment he’s diving to clear the ball off the line, the next he’s marauding up the field looking for the winner!




“Flamini is like a commentator on the pitch. He shouts at everybody but
doesn’t do anything himself…”


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 18.35.25
Source: Graeme Truby/Pinnacle


There can only be only one Footballer/Commentator Mathieu! Arsenal’s french-bulldog midfielder has established a reputation for making bold statements on the field – infamously hacking his long sleeves off in protest of the club’s policy for ‘shirt length consistency’. 

An ever vocal presence on the pitch, a poor run of form invited the wrath of Neville – criticising Flamini’s tendency to speak without acting.




“The thing is about Demichelis, I don’t think he realises how slow he is…”



Where Neville quickly learnt his limitations as a sprinter and (arguably) had the positional nouse to compensate, Demichelis has been punished for pace off the line on a number of occasions… often in games Neville has been commentating on.

Quick to pull the trigger of criticism on any Manchester City player, Neville’s scathing remarks served to reinforce the bad blood between himself and the blues.



Here’s hoping that one day, Neville does eventually work his way into management within the Premier League, his post-match press conferences would certainly pack a punch.

La Liga doesn’t know what it missed out on…