American Claims The Ryder Cup Means More To Him Than Winning A Major

  • America have won just twice in the last 10 years.
  • The Ryder Cup will take place in Hazeltine at the end of September.

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Justin Thomas was asked at this week’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions whether he would rather win in a major or play on a winning Ryder Cup Team and his answer surprised a few people.

“winning Ryder Cup team, hands down,” the 22-year insisted without hesitation.

Chris Dimarco was reportedly ‘taken aback’ by Thomas’ admission, as he struggled to believe this motivated such a young golfer. I’m interested to know how Americans feel about this. As a brit we have traditionally viewed the Ryder Cup as an opportunity for our more modestly gifted golfers to have it on with the heavyweights of world golf, which, until fairly recently, were predominantly American players.

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Many fine golfers have never won a Major, falling short at the final hurdle is a common European condition. Think Colin Montgomerie, Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter, to name a few, they have all succumbed to the magnitude of the occasion and come up short in Majors.

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This is symptomatic of a Tour that doesn’t provide the same relentless competitiveness as the PGA TOUR. The Ryder Cup has provided Europeans with an opportunity to alleviate the mental strain of Major championships, whilst capitalising on the prestige a victory holds for the winning Ryder Cup team. It allows players like Sergio Garcia to flourish on a big stage without the debilitating pressure of individual failure.

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Basking in the glory of a Ryder Cup victory has been an European past time, almost like compensation for successive Major championship disappointments. So when Justin Thomas comes out and says he prioritises winning Ryder Cups over Majors you can’t help but agree with this guy…

Maybe ask Justin Thomas that question again when he’s forty, but i’m applauding his passion for the time being. If Team USA can emulate the kind of prestigiousness the Europeans place on the Ryder Cup they are a step closer to getting their hands back on the trophy. The fact this has come from a junior player speaks volumes, as one comment highlighted, Major victories and Ryder Cup wins have become comparatively rare.