Jason Day played less golf than you did over the past three months

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty Images

  • Jason Day has played a total of four holes in three months.
  • He might just get away with it.

Jason Day wasn’t the world’s no. 1 player for very long, but at the rate he’s been playing, it’s frankly a miracle that he’s kept a steady hold on the no. 2 spot. PGA Tour’s Brian Wacker just tweeted exactly how many holes Day’s scored over the past three months and… well, see for yourself.

Yep, Jason Day’s really not been golfing very much for one of the world’s best golfers. After missing the Hero World Challenge to witness the birth of his second child, he’s left a three month-gap between his last professional appearance at the President’s Cup and his next scheduled tournament at the Hyundai Tournament this month. Perhaps an unforgivable offence in light of the average PGA player’s typically hectic schedule, but Day’s had his reasons. After all, he was just being a good dad. And he’s also had a lot of front row tickets at non golf-related events to make full use of.


Even off the course, life has remained rather exhilarating for Jason Day.