Donald Trump: I NEVER Played Golf With ‘Boring’ Samuel L. Jackson

  • Trump hits out at claims made by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Beef started after Jackson accused Trump of charging him for a golf membership.

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This pointless beef all started when Jackson gave an interview with Rhapsody magazine in which he accused the presidential hopeful of incorrectly charging him for a golf membership.

Trump took to Twitter to refute the claims…

Although he was quickly reminded that this was in fact not the case…

Jackson was shown the tweet when he appeared on the late show with Seth Meyers and he joked that the pair “now had beef.” The star went on to suggest Bill Clinton can verify the star has met Trump on more than one occasion.

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It looks like Jackson has been enjoying the opportunity to poke some fun at Mr. Trump as he claims to have “corroborating testimony” from Anthony Anderson.

Got some corroborating testimony from @anthonyanderson about that Trump golf game!

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Oh, and just in case some people out there can’t take a f***ing joke, if Bernie, Hillary or anyone else featured in golf related anecdotes, they would be on here too. Kapeesh!

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