Rickie Fowler Is Proof That You Don’t Need A Girlfriend To Be Happy

Rickie Fowler looks like he’s doing just fine without having a girlfriend. 

To be honest, Fowler has been my favorite golfer from the very start and probably got me more into golf than Tiger. It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t won a major, because he is so much more than his wins. He is a man of the people, always has been, and hopefully always will be! Sure it was great when he found someone (Alexis Randock) that made him happy, but he is also showing that you can still be happy after a breakup.


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Rickie is just enjoying life and spending time with friends and family. He tells his followers on Instagram about how he was heavily influenced by his grandfather. His grandpa introduced him to the game of golf and will be accompanying him this week in Maui. Rickie also has a tattoo that immortalizes his grandfather forever and keeps him with him no matter if they’re together or apart. It is shown here on his inner arm.

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Friends are of abundance for Rickie Fowler. He is constantly with a crew and surrounded by people who care about him. This definitely helps when you’re getting over someone. When you’re busy and having fun, you’re not thinking about what you’re potentially missing out on with one person.

Who needs a girl when you’re having epic days with your friends.

Rickie is also a golfer who is never afraid to set trends that are not so traditional. The flat brim hats were never a part of golf until he made them so. He recently showed off new high top kicks for the golf course, and joggers to pair. No doubt these will become trends soon enough (I definitely want some high top golf shoes). This makes him even more relevant than he already is by staying modern and trying new things in his field. The shoes look dope, and I’m thinking his attitude and his fresh style will make 2016 a year for the books.