Spieth Refuses To Let This Year Be An Encore Of 2015

  • 2016 will be a continuation, not an encore, of 2015
  • Jordan Spieth plans to be in golf for 40 plus more years


Many are asking the question “What does Jordan Spieth do for an encore in 2016?”. The answer is: nothing. The reason for the distinction between encore and continuation, is that an encore is an ending and a continuation means there is more to follow. Spieth will continue on to be the best he can be and only look forward and not try to top the previous years accomplishments.

“Doesn’t an encore mean that the show is then over?” Spieth said. “I hope I’ve got like 40 years out here.”

“It just seems that you’re judging from the previous year in my mind. That’s the general public, so I give you my perspective as being in the general public for somebody else. For me, I’m not even thinking of it as a new year. I’m just thinking we had a three-week break, and we’re just continuing to hopefully stay at the same level.”

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Of course, Spieth has goals, but that’s nothing new. Spieth has always had a great outlook on the game and always tries to improve himself, no matter how well he’s doing. This previous 2015 year included Masters and U.S. Open victories, the FedEx Cup title and the PGA Tour Player of the Year award, clearly things to be proud of. But good athletes look towards the future and find ways to get better. Which is why Spieth feels the need to make this distinction.

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“To be honest, I’m not thinking of this as anything different,” he said. “This is just . . . we’re just continuing; the month changed, the year changed. When you write the date, that’s about it in my mind.

“I mean, of course it’s a continuation of ’15,” he added. “Why wouldn’t I want to think about it that way? It’s a way for me to think about what I’m doing in terms of momentum. I just had a terrific year, but now I’m supposed to do something different somehow? I’d rather continue in the same vein.”

Keep the blood pumping Spieth, and I’m sure you will see the results everyone is hoping for.