Baseball Hall Of Famer Uses His Smooth Swing To Unleash Power

  • Ken Griffey Jr was announced as a Hall of Fame inductee yesterday.
  • Like many former players he has been focusing on his golf game.
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Ken Griffey Jnr. playing for the Mariners in 1989. Source: Instagram

Ken Griffey Jr is associated with the word smooth in almost everything he does. Possessing a stroke that would bring saliva to a mouth full of sawdust, it’s no surprise his unique swing earned itself a logo.

“I didn’t start playing golf until ’94, when the strike cut the season short. Never having played as a kid definitely makes it a challenge,” professed the 13-time all star player.

Golf Digest picked up on Ken’s handicap that has fallen to a very respectable 3.6, that’s a substantial improvement from the 9 he was playing off a year ago.

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Like most former players Ken can hit a very long ball. He spanked a 352-yard drive on a simulator at the Nike PGA show in 2012. 

If you’re concerned with increasing your power and want to compartmentalise your swing thoughts, these words of wisdom might help; Ken encourages you to “think about achieving full extension on both sides of the ball. If your arms are tense in either place you’ll lose speed and power.” That might sound simple, but it’s very useful to consider the mental approach of an elite athlete who encounters the same golfing struggles as the rest of us.

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It’s difficult not to be jealous of the opportunities these guys have. Ken capitalises on his Nike contract that includes numerous golf related perks, all very deserving of the man whose swing could make a lion pur.