Jordan Spieth And His Caddie Have Put A Wager On His Success

  • Jordan Spieth and caddie Michael Greller have made a bet each of their three years together on the PGA Tour.
  • Greller sets a number of times Jordan must hole out from off the green.
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Source: Business Insider

So here’s the deal, Greller sets a number – expected to be 20 for the year – and if Jordan reaches the bagman buys dinner. “He wanted anything over 100 yards to count as double,”  said Greller, but he wasn’t going to take the bite for that prospect and you can understand why.

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Jordan might not get double points for long range efforts but he will if the shot comes in a Major Championship. For a a former algebra teacher Greller’s maths is all over the place. Jordan played 92 rounds of professional golf last year, that’s 1,656 opportunities to hole out from off the green. That means Jordan had to land just 1.2% of his efforts, is that a lot? I’m not sure.

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Like many golfers, ahem Phil Mickelson, Jordan doesn’t mess around when it comes to collecting his debts. Last year Jordan invited 20 people to dinner creating an enormous tab that Greller was forced to cover. When you’re employer has made you a millionaire it’s probably an easy pill to swallow. It would shock me to see these two go separate ways, they remain a formidable team.