You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out What Tiger Woods Is Doing Instead Of Golfing

  • Tiger Woods will not be playing in tournaments any time soon
  • While he’s not golfing he is still enjoying the perks of being a famous golfer

Since Tiger Woods announced that he did not have any idea of when he would be returning to golf, he has looked happier than he has in a while. Maybe taking that pressure off and no longer having to think about something that might never happened has lifted his spirits.

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Just because he isn’t on the course, doesn’t mean that he isn’t enjoying the perks of being a famous and well known golfer/celebrity. The other day Tiger posted an Instagram picture of him with a movie poster for a film that isn’t coming out until next week! But because he’s Tiger Woods, he get’s to go to screenings for top movies like “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”.

Just saw a screening for 13 Hours. Very powerful and important film. Really well done.

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Hey, good for him. I don’t think we’ve seen him smile this big since his last win on Tour, which was in 2013! Maybe this boost in optimism will actually help him recover quicker and we’ll see him back in the field. Wishful thinking but you never know!