If Football Managers Were Teachers

Being a club football manager is very much like being a teacher; you get summers off, you have to deal with children throwing their toys out the pram and your success is ultimately based on results.

So, what would happen if some of the Premier League’s ‘finest’ rocked up at Waterloo Road or Bayside High School?!

Brendan Rodgers

The supply teacher who is the butt of all the jokes but doesn’t realise it. In fact, he actually believes he’s one more day away from becoming headteacher – delusion really does set in quickly at Anfield High School.

Sir Alex Ferguson

The former Manchester United manager is Mr Irvin who teaches history.

Sorry, I’ve realised that makes no sense to you lot at all. Basically, Mr Irvin taught me history during my younger, shenanigan-filled years and scared the absolute shit out of me. Bloody good teacher, though.

Arsene Wenger

Although when wearing his glasses the Arsenal gaffer resembles the Demon Headmaster…

…we will be making Le Professeur an art teacher – sure it looks really nice but where has an A* in art at GCSE got anyone in life?!

Jurgen Klopp

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. The mad science teacher, obvs.

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror


Louis van Gaal

God. Imagine how boring a maths class taken by LvG would be!


Pep Guardiola

Parents and fellow employees will let his tough training regimes slide, when he guides the Year 8s to Champions League success (or not?).

Bayern Munich Players Pep Guardiola Sports Day
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Steve Bruce

Never really understood why ‘food technology’ was even a subject during school. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it (not as much as ol’ Stevie, though).

Steve Bruce
Source: Daily Mail


Quique Sanchez Flores

The smooth, suave and sexy dance teacher who brings out the “bender” remarks from the jealous – and insecure – dads at the school gates. But maybe they have a point in not trusting the over friendly dance teacher…