The Type Of Man Manchester City Are Getting

  • Pellegrini confirmed that he will leave Manchester City at the end of the season
  • The current Citizens boss will be replaced by Pep Guardiola
  • The Spaniard has enjoyed superb success with Barcelona and Bayern Munich
Source: NBCSports
Source: NBCSports

Rightly or wrongly, Man City announced on Deadline Day the worst kept secret in football, that managerial galactico, Pep Guardiola, will be taking over at the Etihad Stadium – this also means that the Citizens become the first club to be managed by Pep G AND Steve Coppell – reckon Guardiola will better Steve’s stay of one month and a day?

With the former Barcelona gaffer pretty much able to pick whoever the hell he wants to manage, it’s becoming quite clear that, for all his achievements, Guardiola isn’t a manager who is up for a project or one who likes to be made to work too hard for his success.


Guardiola is definitely the sort of guy who starts a career with Barcelona but rather than play against the computer and, you know, risk having fun; he sets his second controller up on the opposition team and then proceeds to play against them.

Congratulations on winning 14-0 every game, Pep; we bet that took some real managerial talent.

Oh, and no doubt the 45-year-old always opts for the ‘sweaty’ goals?


I may well be alone in my thinking here, however, rice you’ve cooked yourself is so much tastier than those two-minute microwavable rices you can buy.

Sure, it takes longer and provides more washing up but I’ll take those inconveniences over chewing on the cardboard that comes out of those packets.

Pep won’t, though. In fact, ol’ Guardiola doesn’t even know there are alternatives to microwavable rices.

Play it safe as always, Pep.

Source: Tesco
Source: Tesco



There’s still something quite therapeutic about reading a book and they’re certainly a welcome addition on any flight. But why read when you can simplify and speed up the whole process, hey, Pep?


Those – let’s call them ‘bowling slides’ – are socially acceptable until about the age of eight. But that doesn’t bother the current Bayern Munich manager because why take a risk with your precision when you can guarantee 100% accuracy?

Pep Guardiola Bowling
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