Team Liquid Clutch At Straws To Stabilise Their Imbalanced Roster

After a less than ideal opening to the NA LCS Spring Split, Team Liquid made it clear they were looking to make any and all changes needed to succeed. It became quickly apparent that Mid laner Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer would not be continuing with the team going forwards, opening up a number of options to solve the teams in-game issues. Team Liquid owner Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet clarified that the team considering all possibilities, sparking excitement and curiosity amongst fans and analysts alike. 

In the aftermath of the live Team Liquid question and answer session, the team’s fanbase appeared to have settled on the potential roster swaps that could reshaped the team. There was no shortage of options to revamp the TL roster:

Fans didn’t have to wait long for the team to unveil their new starting line-up, providing a definitive answer as to how the team would be shaping up in the future. One week after announcing they would be holding tryouts, Team Liquid manager Michael Artress confessed:

“After a week of testing, we’ve made a roster change, moving ​Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin ​to​ play in the mid-lane​, with ​Young-bin “Youngbin” Chung back ​in the Team Liquid roster​, in the AD Carry role.

“This was a great combination in scrims, and we’re excited to see what progress we can make in the remainder of the LCS Spring split.”

Michael Artress, Team Liquid Manager

Moving veteran AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin to the mid lane was a change fans expected to see. With his move essentially confirmed from the start, the question remained as to who could replace him in the bot lane; Young-bin “Youngbin” Chung seemed to fly under the radar. Having played with the challenger roster through the 2016 Spring Split, he was familiar with the Team Liquid organization.

Is Youngbin the answer to Liquids struggling season?
Source: Robert Morris University

Youngbin was one of the first students at Robert Morris University to be offered a scholarship to play competitive League of Legends. The talented player set a precedent in North America and certainly helped raise the profile of other aspiring gamers.

Although many critics have doubts about Youngbin’s performance on stage, particularly given the big boots he has to fill, reports from within the camp suggest that Piglet is working hard to not only learn his new lane, but to help the new addition become the best player he can be in his position.

Will Youngbin be the answer to Team Liquids troubling season? It’s hard to say if these changes will help or hinder the team moving forward. But with the team tied for last place in the NA LCS, what is there to lose to for the underperforming squad.

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