Chelsea Just Made A Huge Mistake Signing Pato And Here’s Why

  • Pato is coming from the Brazilian league where the quality of players is poor
  • He is not match fit and will get crushed by Premier League players
  • Confirmation that Chelsea is the most idiotic club in the Premier League when it comes to transfers 
Photo via Sky Sports


Pato describes his move to Chelsea as “a dream come true”, but for Chelsea fans he might be their worst nightmare. The 26-year-old Brazilian striker has battled a series of injuries over the past 3 years which have derailed a once-promising career.

Arriving at Stamford Bridge last week from Corinthians, Pato’s eight years in professional football can pretty much be summed up in this eye-catching table of injuries:

pato injuries

In a press conference on Tuesday, Chelsea interim manager Guus Hiddink said Pato was “some way off in fitness” having not played a competitive match since November 28th. Hiddink will decide whether to start the Brazilian in Chelsea’s upcoming fixture with Watford.

Chelsea didn’t need Pato, but Pato needed Chelsea. The fallen-giant-of-a-club desperately need a game-changing striker like Didier Drogba. With Falcao flopping and Costa underperforming, the worst mistake Chelsea could have made was signing a half-baked forward like Pato. Champions League and Premier League trophies are won by goalscorers like Messi, Ronaldo and Müller. Chelsea have royally f**ked up in the 2016 transfer window, failing to recruit an international superstar they desperately needed.

Is Pato A Serial Moaner?

The Brazil international blamed his injuries on his time at A.C. Milan, pointing the finger to coaches who ill-advised him on treatment. According to Pato, Milan rushed him back into action too soon, causing further muscular damage.

“I did everything that the club and the doctors told me, but the more I tried to recover, the more I injured myself again. I travelled the world to seek help, but they kept doing things in such a rush, sending me back into action too soon and that is why I kept getting hurt.”

Pato then moved to Corinthians in January 2013 where things didn’t get any better, although injuries weren’t to blame this time around. At the Brazilian club, he moaned about tactical problems within the team that prevented him from scoring goals. The question is, who will Pato blame at Chelsea?

Chelsea fans are nervous, and it’s no surprise why. With the team set to miss out on the Champions League next season, the transfer window just got even bleaker.