A Retired Tiger Woods is still a force to be reckoned with. Just ask Michelle Wie

Sharon Wong

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The prognosis wasn’t looking good for Tiger Woods when he damningly spelled out the end of his own career. With a physique riddled with injuries and a flagging morale, he seemed fit for nothing more strenuous than an intense video gaming session or hardcore reminiscing about the glory days. But trust Tiger Woods to keep on changing the plot on us naysayers. Could any of us have predicted that he would be giving the likes of Michelle Wie chipping lessons?

He hosted a clinic at the Tiger Woods Foundation and had Michelle come in to show off her short game a little. She seems to be doing admirably with the one-legged balance drill.

However, he seems to have felt her chipping left a few things to be desired. Here, he’s helping her sharpen that game up a tad.

Casual chipping lesson from the @tigerwoods this morning ????????????

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A clever way of leaving his distinct mark on the LPGA when she starts chipping like he did in his heyday. And when he takes on the mantle of Ryder Cup vice captain, it will be like having a team of minions resurrecting his career for him.