Humiliating Defeats That Teams Can Never Recover From

  • Gary Neville’s Valencia side were crushed at the hands of Barcelona 7-0.
  • Supporters launched verbal abuse at the coach and players.
  • Following the loss,#Nevilleveteya “Neville go now” was trending on Twitter in the Valencia region.

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Valencia fans didn’t know whether to draw the curtains and hide in shame or take to the streets and riot following last night’s demolition at the hands of Messi, Suarez and co. Fans chanted ‘mercenaries’ at the team coach as it left Valencia airport, claiming the players didn’t deserve to wear the club’s colours.

They are not the first club to suffer a humiliating defeat, nor will they be the last (speaking from experience as an Arsenal fan!). Here are some of the most embarrassing defeats in footballing history:


5. Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal


Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph


I’d 8-2 be an Arsenal fan right now”, “How humili8ing”, God I must have heard every variant there is of this joke.

It was a sad day to be an Arsenal fan, it confirmed that the season was over already and that we would once again be scrapping for 4th – it was only August; how depressing.

The day this game was played I walked round the whole day in my Arsenal shirt, oblivious to the score and suffered terribly as a result. I lost count of the number of smug United fans with London accents (subtle dig) coming up to me and laughing in my face; felt bad man.



4. Germany 1 – 5 England


Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters


One of the few performances England fans could actually be proud of. Yes, I know Germany reaped revenge in the 2010 World Cup, but let’s forget about that for a moment. To win 5-1 in the Munich Olympic Stadium was a momentous occasion for England fans, but also an extremely damaging result for any German.

What made this result so difficult to stomach for German football fans was the amount we milked it… and the fact that Emile Heskey was on the scoresheet.

English fans don’t miss an opportunity to rub it in the face of the Germans and no, I’m not just talking about football. I remember my childhood Christmas the year of this game: Santa brought me a video of the game, a t-shirt with the result printed on the front and a poster of Michael Owen looking smug.

It’s gotta feel bad when even Santa is laughing at you.


Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon



3. Manchester United 1 – 6 Manchester City


Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph


Oh Mario, you were such a joy. The significance of this result was huge, since it gave City the confidence to go on and win the title for the first time in 44 years. The jibes between the two Manchester clubs are relentless; back and forth for generations. But one day the balance shifted and the red half of Manchester sat down and endured the taste of some long overdue blue medicine.

The legend Alex Ferguson in the dugout, a title winning squad available; for me, this is what makes this result such an embarrassing one for Manchester United fans. There was no refereeing decision to question, no extensive injuries or poor tactics, just out-classed from start to finish by their bitter rivals. There was no scapegoat to turn to and we all know Man Utd fans love a scapegoat!



2. Milan 3-3 Liverpool *2-3 on penalties


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 13.49.43


To throw away a 3 goal half-time lead in a league match is one thing, to do it in the biggest game in domestic football is an unrepentable sin. I recently attended an AC Milan game and took the opportunity to visit the San Siro Museum (would not recommend) – absolutely no trace that the final ever happened such is the club’s shame.

As always is the case with penalty shootouts, there’s guaranteed to be at least one villain and for Milan it was club legend Andriy Shevchenko. The manner with which the cup was ripped from Italian fingers was epitomised by one of the laziest cup final penalties ever witnessed:




1. Brazil 1 – 7 Germany


Source: SBNation
Source: SBNation


At first it was hilarious and then it just got sad, real fast. 5 goals conceded and the game was barely half an hour into proceedings. As the world looked on transfixed, like motorists slowing down to look at a car crash, we watched as the soul of Brazilian samba was ripped out of the Belo Horizonte arena.



It was a massacre and the ultimate humiliation for Brazilian football, as their entire ideology of the beautiful game was ripped apart by the efficiency of the German’s, on their own soil, in the semi-final, in their own World Cup – it couldn’t have been any worse.

Players and fans alike were reduced to tears as the final whistle blew, they both knew that the footballing nation would forever be remembered by this day.