How Kirk Cousins Golf History Made Him A Better Person


The QB for the Washington Redskins, Kirk Cousins, is one of the most frugal football players in the league. Apparently he is famous for it among his teammates, some saying that he still drives a mini van that his grandparents gave him. He is also seen wearing most of his free Michigan attire he got from his alma matter.

The reasoning behind Cousins frugality? It could possibly have something to do with his Christian background or the fact that he worked at a driving range for minimum wage as a college student.


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“Maybe someday I’ll have enough saved and I’ll see what I can get, but it’s better to buy appreciating assets than depreciating,” said Cousins. “No yachts, no sports cars.”

He has that rare appreciation for what he’s got, that many professional athletes don’t have. Cousins is coming off of a surprisingly stellar season as a free agent, and will for sure make bank when he gets his next gig.

The 27-year-old is expected to make upwards of $15 million per season when he signs his next contract. That’s a lot of range balls.