Seemingly invincible Jordan Spieth gets roasted on Twitter by the likes of Ben Crane

Sharon Wong
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
  • Jordan Spieth posted up the least offensive tweet you can imagine
  • But as Ben Crane showed here, you can’t dodge all the bullets
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    Jordan Spieth’s run of victories may make him seem pretty close to untouchable on the course, but on Twitter, he is just a tad more vulnerable. Fellow tour pro Ben Crane’s not quite Spieth’s equal in a tournament, but boy can he deliver the burn on a more equal playing field. After all, everyone’s fair game on social media, as Spieth discovered when he posted up one of the least controversial tweets ever on the National Championship game.

    Totally harmless, right? But in the midst of all this innocuousness, Ben Crane still somehow found a bone to pick, or perhaps just an opportunity.

    Well, we suppose you can’t keep winning without someone wanting to take you down a notch or two. We hope Crane shows as much spirit the next time he finds himself up against Jordan Spieth at a tournament IRL.