Robert Allenby returns to the scene of his Honolulu nightmare for “closure”, whatever that means

Sharon Wong


  • Robert Allenby’s obsessed with closure
  • However, he does sometimes learn things, you know?

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Robert Allenby has had a bit of a tumultous 2015. He’s held to a bizarre claim that he was kidnapped and brutally beaten after a drunken night out in the Hawaiian capital, an occurrence ex-caddie Mick Middlemo says is totally fabricated. If you were in agreement with Middlemo, you might find Allenby’s eagerness to return to Honolulu, the scene of the crime, for the 2016 Sony Open pretty suspect. But Allenby doesn’t care what y’all haters think anyways.

“I’ve got so many great memories here that I wasn’t going to let one bad one interrupt it. I also thought that for my own wellbeing that maybe I could come here and face it and put some closure on what happened last year?”

What closure could he be waiting for exactly? Is he hoping to somehow catch the perpetrators himself and string them victoriously before his naysayers? Or is he just planning on getting drunk in the very same parking lot without facing another abduction? It seems like the man just doesn’t learn. But Robert Allenby says he’ll be doing at least one thing differently.

“It’s been traumatic and it’s been very tough, but no one ever really actually came out with the truth. I’m very cautious, there’s no question about it. Most important thing is you never leave a glass of wine or any drink unattached anywhere. And that’s probably the best advice I could give anyone in the world because it’s not a pleasant experience. Especially the outcome of what could happen.”

Good point. Not that you should be taking advice from the likes of Robert Allenby, of course.