Has Gareth Bale Been Invited To Play On The European Tour?

Well kind of…

We all know that footballers love to play a few rounds of golf, some have even tried to make it on tour after they hung up their boots: Roy Wegerle, Julian Dicks, Jimmy Bullard to name a few. Unfortunately no footballer has ever made a mark on the golf scene. Could Bale break this trend?  Already playing off scratch (he’s still only 26), Bale could have what it takes if he decides to go down that route when he retires.

Bale has already shown he can play under pressure when he managed to bag some silverware this year after teaming up with fellow Welshmen Rob Brydon and Sir Gareth Edwards to claim the Celebrity Cup golf tournament.

The European tour certainly thinks that Bale would be a great addition to their roster after replying to one of his recent tweets.




Maybe in a few years when Bale retires from football we might be seeing him at qualifying school…