Redux: Jose Mourinho Is About To Resume Fight With Pep Guardiola

  • One of the greatest sporting rivalries is about to resume after Mourinho is rumoured to have signed historic deal with Manchester United
  • Mourinho and Guardiola are fierce rivals and the media storm around them will be crazy next year
  • Football needed this after a bizarre 2015/16 season

jose mourinho_pep guardiola

Just picture the scene. It’s Old Traffic, 13th August. Manchester United and Manchester City walk out into the arena led by two of the greatest managers of all time. Mourinho and Guardiola are just yards apart and the whole world is watching. They shake hands tentatively as a plethora of cameramen surround them. The next 90 minutes is pure drama. Old feuds are resumed. Tempers flare. This is football at its greatest .

The storybook prospect was finally realized on Thursday evening when Spanish newspapers had “substantial evidence” that former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho had inked a new deal with Manchester United to replace Louis van Gaal.

mourinho guardiiola_infographic

El Confidencial, the popular Spanish gossip publication, claims that Mourinho’s agent Jorge Mendes has secured his client a massive deal to join the club. The paper claims it has solid evidence fro sources on the ground in Portugal and says it is “certain” Mourinho will indeed replace van Gaal once the season concludes.