FRIGHTENING: Man City’s Starting Lineup Could Look Like This Next Season

After recruiting the most sought-after manager in football, Manchester City probably had to make some insane promises to entice Pep Guardiola to The Etihad. 

Photo | Sky Sports
Photo | Sky Sports

While we’re confident Guardiola will be handed some pretty hefty ammunition once he arrives in England, one former City player in England has predicted a starting lineup that no one in world football could conceivably recruit. Right?

With practically unlimited funds to play with, we know that Manchester City will make some marquee signings in the summer. Former defender Steve Howey – who has become somewhat of a cult hero in football – reckons Manchester City will sign seven superstar players under Guardiola to create the ultimate dream team. This is what it would look like (shiver down spine):

steve howe_man city prediction

Surely no one – not even with all the money in the world – could create a team like this. Could City really convince Barcelona to part ways with Andres Iniesta?  On top of that, would Bale, Pogba, Varane, Griezmann, Alaba and Coleman all come to The Etihad? This dream team would cost the club around $500 million, but they have the cash.

2015/16 has been a weak year in English football, but is next season about to showcase the power of the Premier League? With Guardiola and Mourinho looking set to go head-to-head at City and Man Utd respectively, 2016/17 could well be the greatest year the game has ever seen.