WATCH: Wayne Gretzky tries very hard to teach Dustin Johnson’s son hockey.

Sharon Wong

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Perhaps not always a logical assumption, but people tend to think like father, like son. That’s why it seems like a novelty when Sam and Charlie Woods like Messi better than Dad and when Tatum Jones picks up a hockey stick instead of a golf club. But seeing as his grandfather is NHL veteran Wayne Gretzky, it shouldn’t be so surprising when the kid is just as likely to hit the skating rink as follow in father Dustin Johnson’s illustrious footsteps. And well, let’s just say the kid wears hockey adorably…

…even if his goalkeeping leaves a little to be desired.

WHY HOCKEY I AM OLD ????????????#anythingfortatum

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But if his NHL aspirations fall through, there is always the ballet.

Well we might of jumped the gun with the whole hockey thing today ???????? #BALLET

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