Pure Imagination: These Golden Golf Balls Are Real And Could Be Yours Soon



Mark your calendars! On March 26th, the Wilson Staff team is channeling their inner Willy Wonka. They will be giving you the opportunity to be Charlie, at 200+ retail stores, including PGA Superstore, Golf Smith, and Golf Galaxy! What’s better than a golden ticket? A golden freakin’ golf ball that you won’t find anywhere else!

golden ticket

By merely showing up at participating stores, you will receive a free 2-ball sleeve that could potentially contain a golden ball If you do get the golden golf ball, you will be given a dozen more DUO Urethane golf balls on the spot! AND on top of that, if you tweet about your in-store experience using the hashtag #DUONation, you’ll automatically be entered to win a year’s supply of golf balls!

No worries friends, this offer will not turn you into a giant blueberry. You’ll just have the chance to win a ton of Duo Urethane golf balls, the World’s Softest Ball. Here’s how it will go down:

The Candy Man Can

Imagine the participating stores as your own personal candy shop, where the employees are the candy man, and you’re an eager Charlie, drooling over that Wonka bar. As you are handed that 2-ball pack, you can’t help but wonder if yours is the one with the golden golf ball inside.


The Anticipation

Do you open it right away? Do you smell the box? Do you rip right into the damn thing like a kid getting their first present? Or do you do it slow and steady, like Charlie does? Ohhhh the anticipation is torture!


The Golden Ticket

You see a white golf ball on the top and you think, “that’s it, I haven’t won”. But then, as you reach in to check the second ball, you see a glimmer, the perfect gold hue of that wonderful golf ball. THE GOLDEN GOLF BALL. It’s yours! Not everyone will get it, but you, you have Charlie’s heart of gold, just like the golf ball you just won.


Grandpa Joe Status

You’re overjoyed, dancing around like grandpa Joe. You’ve got this awesome limited edition golden DUO Urethane golf ball, which only a handful of people will get! Not only that, you get a dozen more, just in case you want to put the gold ball in your trophy case for safe keeping.


World Of Pure DUO ImagiNATION

You have officially entered the world of pure imagination, or the DUO Nation, but same thing. You’re so excited you want all of your fellow golfer friends and family to get in on the deal too, so you start calling everyone you know to come down to the store. Hey, more people equals more opportunity to get more balls! While you wait for your friends to show up, you tweet “#DUONation is the Willy Wonka to my Charlie. I got the golden golf ball!”, with a picture of the ball, obviously. By tweeting about your experience, you know that you now have the chance to win a year’s supply! May the odds be ever in your favor.. oh wait, wrong movie. GOOD DAY SIR.


“Don’t forget about the golfer that got everything he wanted. He lived happily ever after.” Wonkavator out!

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