Tiger Woods was a total bro to the golfer his ex-caddie shamelessly bullied

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty Images

  • Tiger Woods is apparently a cooler person than his caddie
  • If you ask nicely, he’ll help you get laid

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Remember the troubled PGA player who had that unpleasant run-in with Steve Williams? Kevin Na’s struggles with mental health came to light in a sobering, informative article by Alan Shipnuck. It’s a fascinating but heavy read that anyone with depression and anxiety may relate to all too well, but one of its few light-hearted moments involved a rather unexpected character. Tiger Woods is apparently a much more amiable chap than his former caddie and proved to be quite adept at obliging banter with fans.

It all started when Na approached Tiger with a specific request. He had a hat that he wanted Tiger to sign for a friend, Nam. Unlike most people who come to him for autographs, Nam was not a total unknown to Woods. Nam was connected with Tiger through junior golf and was ever present in the Korean tabloids for being the beau of an actress, a former Miss Korea and other illustrious ladies.

As he signed the cap, Woods asked in typical Tiger fashion, “Is Nam still getting a lot of ass?”

When he discovered the cap was for Nam’s latest girlfriend, he generously responded, “If it will help him get laid, I’ll do it.” Then, the pair proceeded to laugh so loudly that they turned the heads of hundreds of fans.

If there’s one thing to be said about Steve Williams’ one-time employer, it’s that he knows a Tiger isn’t the only one who can go get ’em.