The 30 most valuable teams across all sports

Are sportsmen paid too much? Do a lot of them deserve to be taking home six figures a week for throwing/catching/ kicking a different shaped ball around a field? Well, yeah, they do.

Why? Mainly because nothing else captures an audience like sport. Nothing makes you want to break your own television; make you feel as high or low than your sporting team. The emotional investment every fan puts into their clubs is because of the skill and elitism that our sportsmen have. They are our weekends, our main point of conversation; they are our news, our everything,

Aside from the emotional part. The players earnings are justified through the revenue their respective teams take home. From sponsorship deals, advertisement, TV rights, marketing platforms, ticket sales; the whole combination of every business aspect is what keeps so many people in a job. These sportsmen are the ones at the front of it all, the ones with all the pressure and the ones having to perform infront of millions. Think you’re under pressure in your 9-to-5? What about the guys keeping us all constantly entertained week in, week out.

Of course, the likes of Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant are all playing for teams which are the most valuable from 2016 according to Forbes. Which other sporting teams join them in the top 30?

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