WATCH: Ryan Reynolds has vivid dream about kissing Wayne Rooney in Deadpool teaser

Sharon Wong

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If anyone asked you to guess who Ryan Reynolds or his character Deadpool fantasized about, who would you have imagined? Probably not Wayne Rooney. But sometimes, our favorite superheroes end up surprising us. From this dream sequence in a Deadpool teaser, it seems like Deadpool would like nothing more than to stare into Rooney’s bright blue eyes and give him a chaste, brotherly kiss on the forehead.

Deadpool was able to sort of live out his fantasies thanks to the partnership between Manchester United and the films producers, 20th Century Fox. The kiss itself might be a little PG-13 for you dirty-minded rascals, but the searing gazes of complicity they exchange beforehand are the clearest sign of their chemistry. Or the chemistry they would have if they actually met.