Golf club rejects soccer star Steven Gerrard because he’ll bring them “shame”. Ouch.

Sharon Wong
epa04751839 Liverpool's Steven Gerrard reacts during the English Premier League soccer match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace at the Anfield in Liverpool, Britain, 16 April 2015. EPA/PETER POWELL DataCo terms and conditions apply

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Steven Gerrard is one of soccer’s most recognizable faces and names. A captain of Premier League club Liverpool for most of his career and current member of the LA Galaxy team, he’s pretty much the epitome of a celebrity footballer. But being a big deal on the soccer field means next to nothing to exclusive golf clubs with a reputation to maintain, as Gerrard painfully discovered when he applied to be a member of Hillside Golf Club in Southport, England.

As the story goes, the golf club flat out rejected his application over some off-pitch behavior he’d much rather forget. Gerrard was caught on a CCTV in the thick of a rowdy street fight in 2013.

CCTV footage of the alleged street brawl

From this one incident alone, Hillside feared that he’d bring “shame” upon them and decided not to risk admitting him into its circles. We think that’s pretty harsh, don’t you?

But if there’s one comforting thought for the millennial golfer struggling to find a membership, it’s that golf isn’t always welcoming to the richest and most famous among us either.