Unlike most sportsmen, Cristiano Ronaldo loves being thirty-one

Sharon Wong

For most athletes, reaching the big three O can make for a massively trying time. So many are signed on in their late teens and start to become past their prime soon after they cross the threshold into thirty. Cristiano Ronaldo showed no signs of slowing down either physically or emotionally when he turned thirty-one this Friday. He remains one of world football’s most formidable attackers, gaining 19 goals in 22 games in La Liga this season.

And as his most recent Twitter post has shown, he’s enjoying getting older very much indeed. He’s taken a video of himself thanking his huge fanbase for their millions of birthday messages and support.

The video is subtitled and in Portuguese and he’s basically telling all of you to keep up the support, because he plans to be around for a very long time. Here he is with his adorable mini-me.