WATCH: Flamini is Arsenal’s ‘Two-footed’ Tackle Villain!

  • Mathieu Flamini sparked the ‘dangerous play’ debate with his latest bad tackle.
  • The Frenchman tackled forcefully against Bournemouth’s Dan Gosling.
  • Flamini received a yellow card for his ‘two-footed’ foul.


Source: Sky Sports
Source: Sky Sports


Mathieu Flamini has an infamous reputation for his tackling technique. Often bordering assault, it seems the Arsenal midfielder will do whatever it takes to win the ball.

The Frenchman’s latest tackling debacle came during the first half of Arsenal’s 2-0 victory at the Vitality Stadium, wiping out Dan Gosling. Flamini escaped with just a booking for his challenge, leaving Bournemouth furious with the decision:



Flamini quickly shrugged off the two-footed tackle, claiming there was no intent to cause harm.

“I was focused on the ball. We went together to compete and I think I took the ball and (it was) a good decision from the referee.”

Unsuprisingly Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe saw it differently and felt Arsenal should have been reduced to 10 men.

“I thought it was a red,” complained the 31-year-old. “I had a very good view, it looked like it was two-footed and potentially off the floor.


Source: Metro
Source: Metro


“I’ve only seen it live but my initial view was a definite red card. Going off first viewing, it wasn’t a difficult decision. I felt that the two-footed tackle had been outlawed and it was a red card.”


Dangerous Play or a Strong Tackle?


Flamini is no stranger to a ‘firm challenge’. Throughout his career, the tenacious midfielder has single-handedly reignited the ‘two-footed tackle’ debate time and time again.

Refereeing is all about consistency but as you’re about to see in the following 3 examples, officials just don’t know how to deal with the Frenchman’s rugged tackling!

Remembering todays challenge received only a yellow card, what do you make of these two-footed horrors?


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