Everton Star Leads The Way In Swapping Soccer For NFL

The Denver Broncos emerged victorious in Super Bowl 50, with 100 million people tuning in to watch a Beyonce concert that was rudely interrupted at various points by some American Football.

Whatever your opinion on the sport, there’s no denying the fanfare around NFL and the spectacle such events as the Super Bowl create are truly captivating (or really shit depending on your threshold for over the top bullocks).

Source: NFL

It’s almost a decade since Great British athlete, Dwain Chambers, tried to make it as an American Footballer – a story which always brings out a wry smile for some reason – but are there some footballers out there, past or present, who should make the career change?


Imagine getting ‘sacked’ by the colossus AFC Wimbledon striker!


Rumour has it, that ol’ Wes hasn’t lost an aerial battle since 2003.



The huge frame of the Everton striker is suited for American Football, however, we’d expect the Belgium international to end up being banned from the sport after his real date of birth is revealed – come on, there’s no way big Rom is only 22?

Source: Futball Talk Talk
Source: Futball Talk Talk



The Brazilian loves himself some showboating…

…so seeing what the Barcelona man comes up with for his touchdown celebrations would be entertaining.



You defend your team-mates no matter what in American Football – even if they’re being a knob…

and there’s no one more up for a tussle than Real Madrid’s resident nutter, Pepe.



When you type ‘tank’ into Google, it brings up pictures of the Aston Villa defender – please ignore the fact that Richards looks like he’s just come from a Peter Andre music video in the below picture.

Source: Socialite Life
Source: Socialite Life



Imagine how good the last minutes Hail Marys would be with Rory Delap lining up in the NFL.