This Tour Pro Is Being Called Out For Violating The Anchoring Ban

  • The USGA banned anchoring putters on the PGA Tour
  • Controversies arise as the ban comes into effect this year

The USGA decided two and half years ago that they were going to implement an anchor ban. The rule is that the putter can no longer be touching the players body, intentionally anchoring itself to them.


This meant that players like Adam Scott, could no longer use the putting technique they got on tour with. Although this distressed some, it did not effect the majority of players. Since this ban was announced almost three years ago, you’d think there would be no issues once the rule came into effect this year. Wrong!

This “Secret Tour Pro” on twitter, is calling out one PGA Tour Pro for violating said ban.

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Some people came to Katayama’s defense by saying they thought only the club couldn’t be anchored. The twitter user then clarified his tweet by saying “They can’t make an “anchoring point” is my understanding. IMO, his elbow and upper arm look “anchored” to body.” The USGA always seems to create these stupid rules that no one can ever clearly understand.

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There is always an issue with everything when it comes to the USGA, aka we may never hear the end to this anchoring ban.