WATCH: La Liga Ref Caught Match-Fixing

As sad as it is to say, match-fixing is always a topic of conversation not too far from the surface of the beautiful game – mainly because FIFA, the highest authority in football, are a corrupt bunch of twats so how can you trust anyone if the ‘big boys’ are fucking about?!

Anyway, in last night’s La Liga clash between Real Madrid and Granada, the El 5001 came so close to causing more trouble for the Los Blancos with a bit of help from the man in the middle! Best part about the whole situation, is that Real Madrid had chances to stop the break and yet still had the cheek to turnaround and blame the referee for his, shall we say, assistance.

The last time Luka Modric encountered a block that hard, was probably when he was trying to leave Tottenham Hotspur with Daniel Levy up to his usual tricks!