Wojciech Szczesny Fears for his Future if Arsenal Win the League


On-loan goalkeeper Szczesny is still a firm favourite with Arsenal fans, despite the poor run of form that lead to him being replaced by Petr Cech at the beginning of the season.

The Polish international is still fully supportive of Arsenal’s title quest but is concerned for his future in the side should they lift the trophy.



Petr Cech has been in startling form this season and if Arsenal are to continue their title challenge, he will need to maintain his standard of performance.

The Gunners sit 3rd in the league, with a potentially deciding match with Leicester to come this weekend. 5 points off top spot, Arsenal would certainly be further from the summit without the match saving moments from the Czech international.

If Arsenal win their first title in 11 seasons, the Premier League veteran will be highly praised for his influence. For a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, understandably this leaves Wojciech Szczesny with mixed emotions.


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As has been so true throughout Szczesny’s career, his form has varied throughout his spell in Rome. Following his move to Roma in the summer, the athletic keeper was initially praised for his performances, but has since lost his first team place after disciplinary issues and costly errors.

It’s been hard for the ambitious Pole to swallow, fearing that he’ll “look like some sort of idiot” if the North-London club win the league in his absence:

“[Arsenal] never won the league when I was there, and now… Szczesny is gone so it’s obvious what the problem was”.

It seems that Wojciech is feeling a little insecure about his standing with the Arsenal fans, although with a memorable catalogue of famous moments off the pitch, he’s unlikely to be forgotten.

His piano-ditty taunt to rivals Tottenham after a derby day win is one that will live long in the memory of Arsenal fans; such a beautiful rendition of ‘We won the League at White Hart Lane’: